About Wayanad Fort Resort

Wayanad in a nutshell

The Lonely Planet, rates Wayanad as "fantastically unspoilt and satisfyingly remote." Indeed, with a zillion things to do, places to explore and promises of unexpectedly thrilling wildlife encounters, Wayanad is one of India's finest adventure destinations. Well-connected through an intricate network of roadways the drive to Wayanad is fascinating in itself.

Whether you are arriving from Kozhikode [Calicut] in Kerala or from Bangalore and Mysore in Karnataka or from Ooty in Tamil Nadu the route slices through dense forests with assured wildlife sightings along the way negotiating incredible hairpin-bends and stop-over viewpoints and stunning panoramas with the weather getting pleasurably cooler as you wind up the mountains.

Stunningly green paddy fields hedged in by lush tropical rainforests, salubrious year-round climate, an undulating mountainous terrain with meandering well-maintained roads and most of all, a sense of quietude and impending adventure best sums up Wayanad. Straddling altitudes ranging from 700 to 2,100 meters in the Western Ghats and edging the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau, it is Kerala's 12th district and the only one that shares its borders with both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Plantations of rubber, cardamom, tea and coffee peppered with fields of ginger and impossibly gangly betel nut palms, Wayanad is renowned for its forest reserves inhabited even today by indigenous tribes and some of India's most exotic flora and fauna.

Spread across 345 square kilometers, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is primarily divided into two parts with Muthanga in the east and Tholpetty in the north. Constituted in 1973, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, bounded by Nagarhole and Bandipur in Karnataka to the northeast, and by Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu to the southeast.

The region not only boasts the largest population of Asian elephants in the world, the only pine forests in Kerala at Chandanathode, but also the only Earth Dam in India, the Banasura Sagar.

Step inside and experience Wayanad's Finest Resort

Supremely exclusive and uniquely designed, the Wayanad Ford is an ecofriendly holiday resort conceived and painstakingly carved into a hillock, incorporating Vedic architectural science or Vastu Shastra from the ground up. The imposing white-domed arched gateway is reminiscent of the grandeur and majesty of the regal iconic styles favored by the Mughal Emperors of yesteryears, exuding a feeling of having stepped into another world altogether with a fortified layout that is refreshingly different.

The foyer is a standalone building with a domed Padippura [traditional entryway] with an attic ventilation in the center, tall windows and a tastefully ordained lounge with a large check in counter extending a warmly informal hospitality unlike the more common "sterile" reception areas. The high compound walls running along the perimeter demarcates the property from the plantations skirting it with multiple manned gates along the periphery that enable proximal parking right next to residences of your choice.

Replete with butterfly parks, beehives and carefully landscaped gardens, gurgling waterfalls, a natural lake with fishing facilities, infinity swimming pool, children's play area including a full-fledged health club, facilities for indoor games such as table tennis, billiards/snooker/pool etcetera, a spacious multi-cuisine super-specialty restaurant cum banquet area and even an imperial Durbar Hall for cultural entertainment in the evenings, Wayanad Fort boasts an identity that is unparalleled.

Our Story

Although a son of the soil, our founding promoter and Managing Director, Yousef N., a self-made and highly successful visionary entrepreneur, hospitality industry veteran and realtor, he had spent most of his checkered career spanning over 30 years across India and overseas. Very often he came across friends and associates, especially those in high places such as judges, statesmen and celebrities regretfully expressing their inability to holiday in Wayanad due to the unavailability of an exclusive hideaway with superb facilities that assured them a combination of accessibility, privacy and seclusion coupled security, to spend quality time with family and friends. This prompted Yousef to makeover a part of his coffee plantation into this one and only fortified luxury resort at Wayanad, which became operational in the summer of 2017.